The Run has Begun!

We had so much fun at opening night on Friday. Thanks to all who joined us!

We run Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until May 31st. Don’t miss out! Book your tickets in advance!


Opening Night

Tonight is opening night! We’re so excited to share our work with you. Come down to The Refinery at 8pm to share in the work of over 20 Saskatchewan artists – all on the same stage! Stick around afterward for a reception including food provided by members of our artistic team!

Get Drunk

Collin Konrath

Collin Konrath2Theatre

Collin is pleased to be a part of this unique endeavor as lighting and set designer.  A recent graduate of the University of Saskatchewan where Collin completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on theatre design. His recent accomplishments include set design for Eurydice (2013 – Greystone theatre) and lighting design for Our Country’s Good (2014 – Greystone Theatre), he also credited with the costume designs for SNTC’s 2013 Christmas show, Mekiwin: The Gift. Most recently worked on Fronteras Americana (2014 – El Juego Theatre) as designer for both sound and lighting as well as show production technician. During the summer he can be found working as technician at the Saskatoon Fringe.